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The complete trial transcript with comments and notes regarding additional investigations.


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The Scales of JusticeSome say that justice is blind, but in Gary's case; deaf, dumb and blind.


DNA Evidence

The DNA evidence presented at trial was a complete farce, and debunked during subsequent testing by forensic professionals.


Manipulation of witnesses

A total of six witnesses were revisited by Police and DPP, and coerced into changing their statements to align with the Crown's timeline.


Star Witness for the Crown

Sid Snot Reid, a convicted double murderer, was the only witness, and his testimony shaved 15 years off his own non-parole period.


Victim was alive after his death

A truck driver, who 'couldn't be found' at trial, placed the victim alive on his birthday at the Dampier Hotel a week after the murder.


Star Witness admits to lying

In a subsequent trial, when challenged over conflicting evidence in Gary's case, Sid Reid stated "I'm not lying now!"


Evidence withheld by Police

Gary's trucking log was "misplaced" until after the trial, and supporting evidence from police tapes and DNA reports withheld.


Perverting Justice in WA

The Operation Zircon detectives and DPP on Gary's case were all dismissed for fabricating evidence in the Andrew Mallard trial.


Motive Means & Opportunity

No murder weapon, no body, no DNA evidence, and no motive for killing a drug dealer and an addict. Justice WA style.


The Scales of JusticeSome say that justice is blind, but in Gary's case; blind, deaf, and dumb.



Related Quotes

  • The detectives in the Mallard case were the same ones that visited witnesses and changed their statements in Gary White's case. The commission is satisfied that Detective-Sergeants Caporn and Shervill, who were together involved in the process, either by persistent and repeated questioning, or by deliberately raising doubts in the witnesses' minds until they became confused, uncertain or possibly open to suggestion, were instrumental in causing the witnesses to change their statements. imageJudge John DunfordCCC Commissioner in the Andrew Mallard Case
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Latest Blog

Front-end Loader Location

Written by Super User  /  Published: Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A front-end loader that was used to scrape the remains of a bonfire used to supposedly burn the body, was traced to Melbourne, and the log inspected.

The log proved that the original statement by a farmer, Mr Wayne Morgan was correct, but the coerced change to the timeline during the trial was incorrect as it was on-site in Melbourne that week.