Just recently, Sidney Reid told another inmate in prison that he murdered Anthony Tapley. The inmate signed a formal record of the interview. That is the second confession that Sid Reid made to an inmate regarding murdering Anthony Tapley.

In 2001 Sid Reid also admitted to a close friend that he had shot a person in nearly identical circumstances. The details have been formalised and submitted as fresh evidence. Sid Reid even told police and others, “the best way to stitch someone up is to insert them into your crime.” Every other trial that relied on Sid Reid as the principal witness resulted in an acquittal for all the accused due to the jury not accepting his evidence as truthful.

In recent times another person has provided a statement where Reid bragged to him that he committed the murder.

In February 2021, in a recorded conversation, another person admitted to me, via phone, that Gary did not commit the crime, and she was with Sid Reid when he shot and killed Anthony Tapley. The confession was submitted to the Attorney General, but no action was taken.

In 2017 Sid Reid was released from prison after only serving 15 years for two counts of wilful murder. Justice Western Australian style.