Due to; the incompetence/shortcomings of a Western Australian lawyer, the single-minded and even corrupt actions of police and DPP, and the indifferent judicial system that aligns its morals in favour of their political masters, and not on human rights or decency - a number of close friends and acquaintances of Gary White have waged a campaign to have Gary freed, or at the very lease, given a new trial. Every year that goes by reveals more details about this farce they call justice in Western Australia.

Every scrap of evidence regarding; DNA evidence, police time-lines, eye-witness accounts, and body disposal, has been debunked by experts, or new irrefutable evidence has been uncovered, including an admission by the real killer. Yet Gary still remains in gaol, and subsequent Attorney Generals have refused to consider the new evidence in a reasonable time-frame, or to grant a new trial.

The crown prosecutor, and some of the police involved in the fabrication of evidence in Gary's case have been dismissed for perverting the course of justice in a similar case where new evidence exposed them for what they really were; narcissistic liars that put their own personal gains above the human rights of others.