tapes withheld
Surveillance Tapes Withheld


Apparently the Western Australian Police are famous for their failure to disclose evidence that could contradict, or put doubt on their version of events.

Leading up to, and including Gary's trial itself, many items were withheld by Police from scrutiny by Gary's defense, including his own personal log books (which apparently were misplaced) and could have shed some light on the sequence of events, and operation Zircon surveillance tapes of Sidney Reid's house.

The phone records presented in court were a summary prepared by the police analyst at the behest of the DPP. In the summary they failed to add the phone call from Boronia Miller to Gary White that requested drugs for her mother, Susan Miller, earlier on the day of the murder, which would have established a starting point for the timeline of the day's events. Instead Mr Bates the DPP prosecutor, used the lack of any call being logged (which was false) to establish his own version of events. In the cross-examination of Gary White this missing phone call confused Gary White, and would not have helped his credibility with the jury. Incidentally Mr Bates timeline even contradicted the evidence of Sid Reid and Susan Miller. I really feel for the jury in trying to make sense out of the DPP's fabricated lies.

Gary's legal team are now sifting through the 40+ surveillance tapes for information that could have assisted in his defense. Already uncovered is an argument between Sid Reid and his girlfriend Natasha where she is heard to say at the 13 minute mark... "Sid you tell lie, upon lie, upon lie, upon lie. It has got to the point where I do not believe a word you say." Not to mention Reid assaults her on the recording (at the 10 minute mark) and the police, who were listening, did nothing. Speaks volumes on how the police will stop at nothing to get their evidence.

All the additional/withheld evidence could have been used in court as it directly relates to the credibility of Sid Reid's testimony and the truth.