Gaols throughout the world are full of inmates who "didn't do it," and I agree that almost all of those people received a fair trial and really did do it. However since 2002, in a Western Australian Gaol, a friend by the name of Gary Ernest White has been serving a life sentence (22 years before a potential parole) for a crime he did not commit. The wilful murder of Anthony David Tapley in August 2001.

Gary was the victim of:

  • False evidence by a convicted Perth detective killer, Sidney John Reid,  in exchange for a lighter sentence and the dropping of other charges;
  • Police evidence that is tainted at best, but the majority of it was obtained by threats, intimidation, and pure fabrication to ensure a result for personal glory and promotion;
  • A staged media and political stunt (called a trial) that was contrived to sway public opinion and influence the unlucky people that made up the jury; and
  • Gary's own care-free and trusting nature.

By now you are saying "sure this guy is only saying this because Gary is a friend." But I have assembled all the facts of the whole process on this web site. Read it and you will come to the same conclusion that I did... Gary is innocent. I have done nothing up to this point to actively assist Gary as I have always believed in justice in Australia, and the appeals process would eventually reveal the truth and expose the Western Australian Government, Judiciary and Police for what they really are. But Gary has just failed his latest appeal and now it is up to the people to achieve justice.

Gary is no saint and it is mainly because of his trusting and generous nature that he is now in this situation. But no person deserves this type of treatment in a modern society. The Western Australian Judiciary and Police have been exposed over the last few years through the forced release of many wrongly convicted persons. I can only hope that this story will be a catalyst to not only get a pardon for Gary, but initiate a Queensland "Fitzgerald" type inquiry to clean up the corrupt and incompetent legal system in Western Australia, and not the complete farcical "white wash" that occurred in the review recently.

In a nutshell how would you like to be convicted, and serving a life sentence for murder where; there was no murder weapon, no body, no significant evidence and no motive for killing a drug dealer and user. In fact there was no evidence where there was not a logical and plausible explanation giving rise to more than reasonable doubt. The entire prosecution case hinged on the uncorroborated evidence of a convicted (multiple) murderer (Sidney Reid) who had a personal grudge against Gary, and who gave evidence for a lighter sentence. Reid, during a subsequently trial, admitted to giving false evidence in Gary's case. All other persons that Reid has given evidence against have been set free due to the evidence being  shown in court to be a total fabrication.

This is no joke... just the Western Australian idea of justice that reads like an episode from the Underbelly Series. Unfortunately this is real life, but fortunately, some of the police involved in this travesty are under investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission over the wrongful imprisonment of Andrew Mallard. Yet Gary still remains in gaol.