The behaviour of the Western Australian police before, during and after Gary's case is extremely unprofessional.... no criminal.

You don't have to be Einstein to work out that Hancock had assassinated Grierson over some nasty comments Billy had made towards his daughter that night at Ora Banda.

The "whitewash" investigation merely added fuel to the fire, and Reid, a member of the Gypsy Jokers decided to extract his own form of justice. Although brutally and wrongfully, it was a predictable course of events that the police knew would occur given their lack of action against Hancock. In effect the whole saga was arguably orchestrated to bring about the demise of the Gypsy Jokers in Western Australia.

Gary is not the first person to be wrongfully convicted on the police evidence in Western Australia. Many high profile cases have been overturned recently including the Andrew Mallard case which involved the same combination of prosecutor and police as in Gary's case. They are currently under investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission over their involvement.

During Gary's case they bullied witnesses. In the evidence of Ramah Goodlet (which she has now recanted) she was threatened with prosecution for giving a false statement when she queried words that mysteriously appeared in her statement at a subsequent interview. They threatened to prosecute and remove her child from her if she tried to change her statement, and yet in the case of the witness Wayne Morgan the DPP took extraordinary steps to have him change his evidence when it did not fit their case time-line.

It is fair to say that the police and the DPP were single-minded in their approach to gather evidence but it even went beyond that, crossing the line of fabrication. All evidence that pointed to Gary's innocence was either not properly investigated or withheld from Gary, so therefore the police behaviour even ventured into criminal, for which they should be held accountable. Despite Gary's repeated attempts to have his diary returned to him so he could more accurately account for his whereabouts, the police denied its existence and later said it was misplaced.

Rebel motorcycle groups proudly wear the 1% badge, but it is the 1% that give the rest of the motorcycling fraternity (myself inclusive) a bad reputation. The same also applies to police and lawyers who due to personal promotion, glory, and to appease their political masters, have thrown all moral obligations out the window to get a result at any cost. It is about time for all this corruption to stop.