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The story is not a book of fiction. In Australia, we are losing our grip on the most sacred and fundamental rights that we have fought and paid for with many lives; our democracy, human rights and freedom.

Politicians, police and even the legal fraternity are undermining the fundamental Australian rule-of-law to the point where we can no longer distinguish between the good officials and the scumbags. Moreover, people in authority use their power to degrade our privacy and legal rights, with the social divide between rich and poor growing every day.

In Western Australia, the legal system has a history of epic failures and unsolved crimes. This story is about one of the recent failures. Imagine being convicted of wilful murder. There is no body, no murder weapon, no motive and the only significant witness for the prosecution is a narcissistic, convicted double-murderer who had many years shaved off his 30-year sentence for his uncorroborated testimony.

Experts have since debunked the flimsy and manufactured evidence presented in court, yet the accused has remained in prison since 2002. Due to draconian Western Australian laws, the accused has exhausted his right to appeal and now cannot get anyone in power to listen or review the irrefutable new evidence, including a recorded confession.

Justice and a fair go in Western Australia does indeed end at the rabbit-proof fence.

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